Permanent for Now

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Permanent for Now is a novel that inspects the binary of good and evil during one of history’s most difficult times: World War II. Told through three vantage points, circumstance rises to the forefront as the engine that generates goodness and wickedness in our world.

Permanent for Now is a story about how redemption fails in something that is completely unredeemable.  It examines the dichotomy of evil and good that is the spirit of mankind and begs the readers to consider their own role in the scheme, while attempting to understand how circumstance lends greatly to morality.

Published: 2018, Unsolicited Press

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Mirko’s and Lombard’s stories are unique, but the true treasure of the book is the way Markovitz brings out the humanity in the most inhumane of circumstances. There are no gory details, no lurid accounts of physical cruelty. All the wounds are internal, to the soul and the psyche. The book explores not the inhumanity of how we treat “others” but the inhumanity of how we treat ourselves, and how that affects others.

If you’re thinking this is a heavy, depressing book, think again. The writing is so gentle that it becomes a book of whispers, not screams. And if the novel doesn’t lead you to re-examine the meaning of humanity, Markovitz’s very personal essay in the epilogue will.

All-in-all, this is a story that should be read. Markovitz had the courage to present two horrific human tragedies from a unique perspective. The result is a reading experience that shouldn’t be missed.

–Joseph Kenyon, author of All the Living and the Dead

Markovitz’s story goes to some of the darkest places of history as well as the darkest impulses of the mind, and his characters are three dimensional creations, capable of both monstrous acts and transcendent grace, but it all moves confidently and humanely and never wallows in misery or tragedy. It’s a story about the power and beauty of friendship at the worst of times and the humanity that binds us all together and holds us accountable both to others and ourselves.

–Chris Ludovici, author of The Minors

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