I’ve been a very fortunate person this year as far as my writing and publishing is concerned.

I had an academic article published earlier this year and have three short stories pending for the Fall.  It never ceases to amaze me that editors and publishers admire my work enough to publish it in their journals.  I’ve been writing now for over ten years (fifteen if you count my actual exodus [but those were bad writing times; bad bad writing times]) and publishing just as long, but I am still giddy with delight at every acceptance letter.  I make no mistake to assume I’ll ever find popularity or financial sturdiness for this craft, but this was never my object. La litterature pour la litterature: writing for writing’s sake.

Things keep picking up.  My second novel, which has received abundant attention but has breathed no free air (the cursed novel) is under a full-read by an agent and has been short-listed by a publisher.  I’m currently in the throes of a new book for which I am very excited, something that is a stretch for me but enthralling because of it.

But all of this busyness and concentration stalls my general joy of writing fiction.  I wrote “Delayed” between chapters of this new book, partially because I wanted to write a bit of fiction (the new book is non-fiction) and partially because I wanted to experiment in flash.  For the longest time, I’d eyeroll at “flash” fiction.  Every time I saw a call for flash I’d skip the magazine, thinking it was something I’d never attempt.  I’m all long form, baby.  Because I am in the midst of something longform, however, I thought I’d give it a shot.  With all of that luck, why not?  The Cardiff Review subsequently agreed to publish it and you can read it here.

I still don’t know how much stock I put in my flash fiction, but I will say that after Cardiff took it, I wrote another.  There may be a niche for me yet in this realm.

I like flash because it’s curt.  It’s to-the-point.  The reader is in and out and the thesis is achieved without the necessary pomp of longer forms.  I’ve always loved short fiction because of this; flash fiction just does it faster, less “flashier.”

I still feed off of the dedication necessary for long form but this whole little flash thing may be a nice appetizer while in-between projects.  More to come (hopefully).

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